Why I’m Obsessed with Pinterest

I’ve always been a girl obsessed with order. Whether it be things, ideas, inspiration, or a box of candy, I feel an intense need to make order out of it.

Pinterest Logo

Case in point: I have an empty bag of Skittles next to me, but I haven’t eaten any yet. Instead, they were sorted out by color, a section of each. Then I would pick up one of each color, and set them in a pile. I would continue in this way, putting them in that pile until I ran out of a color. Then I start a second pile with one Skittle of each of the four colors. Then a pile of threes and twos, until I had only one color left. Then I must eat them in that order – singles first, then twos, and so on until I arrive at the perfect pile, and can take one of each color in my hand and eat them evenly.

This is the only way I can enjoy multi-colored candy.

Or anything in life really.

So when I was killing time on Stumbleupon one day a few months ago, I came across this magical place, a pinboard called Secret Garden, which for the life I me I can’t seem to find again. It was filled with pictures of magic, green places, and suddenly all the stress at work I had been trying to escape by screwing around on the internet fell away.

So I signed up and got an invitation, and a brand new obsession was born. The site gives you this little button to put on your browser that lets you pin and catalog anything from all over the internet, upload from your own photos, or repin the work and finds of other pinners.

There’s one lady I follow, Reese Burdine, who calls herself an “idea hoarder,” and that’s an idea I decided to hoard for myself.

So at 2,687 pins and 41 boards and counting, I have found my favorite website, and a place to put all my pretties in the digital world.

It’s digital Prozac and it’s wonderful, go there now. Enticements below…

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From Rainbow of Colors

Pinterest 2

From Craftiness, Yarnworks and String Theory

Pinterest 3

From Psycho Foodie, Most Important Meal of the Day and Liquid-ish Happy

Pinterest 4

From My Home When I Dream, Living Like a Monkey and My Kinda Green Thumb

Pinterest 5

From Hair a-Color, Short Hair Love and Painted Jezebel

Pinterest 6

From Little Ones, For My Inner Child and Les Animaux

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Pinterest 8

From Learning to Dress Myself, Brent-The Other Me, Cranial and Extremity Accessories, Things for my Feet, Clear and Bright, Papa Bear and Ink Inspired

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Pinterest 11

Pinterest 12

Pinterest 13

From Androgylicious, Beautiful Things, Places to go and people to meet, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Things that are nifty, Things that make me laugh, Things that make me smile, and Things that make me wistful

Come join me in the fun! Follow me on Pinterest, and if you’re not on there yet, email me for an invite!