We’re Married!

Over the weekend, I married the love of my life.

And even though there are ever so many people in our lives that we love beyond words, the only people in attendance were those who are the very closest to us, our immediate families and all four of Baby Bear’s parents. By keeping it small, we were able to give those who are always there for us, day-to-day, to a truly special night that none of us will ever forget.

Natalie & Tyler Wedding by Roberta Rae Photography

Despite every person involved running late all day (with the exception of Bobbie, our on-the-ball-as-hell photographer and dear friend), everything went off without a hitch. Beautiful weather again, just like for my seester’s wedding last month, wonderful people, so much love, and LOOK AT THE FOOD. Seriously. It tasted even better.

In the week before the wedding, Papa Bear and I came down with high fevers complete with shakes, cold sweats and that pummeling body aches that replicated the feeling of being run over by a semi. Our fevers broke the day before the wedding, and by some miracle of the universe, we were able to taste all of this magic. Something out there likes us…

Tru by Roberta Rae Photography

I am tempted to relay every detail of our magical little wedding right this minute, but I will restrain myself until we get all the pictures and I can tell you the story properly. Bobbie was kind enough to put together these two little preview montages, but as I remember it, she went through three memory cards in her camera that night. For such a small and informal wedding, that’s quite a feat. There are SO MANY MORE.

Now that the wedding is over, I will be able to get back to posting a little more regularly, although when one giant life event wraps up, the next one begins. At the end of September we will be having our big reception party so we can celebrate our wedding and new family with all of the important people in our lives. In the beginning of October, Papa Bear will be starting school to join me in barber-dom, and we will be moving into our newlywed apartment in November! At some point in there, we may be working on that baby thing as well…

Oh life, why do you have to be so busy?

Part 1: The Ceremony

Part 2: The Reception

Part 3: The Food


  1. kristen the lover of my man's grizz beard says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing them as well because the taste of what you have shown me is making me drool.

    • Natalie Webb says:

      If you ever get a chance to go to Tru in Chicago – GO. Also, Graham Elliot, which we also sampled over the weekend. UNREAL.


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