Wendy’s is making my dreams come true

Thank you Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers for making me nearly make a fool out of myself today. I was quietly finishing eating my Jr. Cheeseburger no mayo and tiny Value Menu fries and reading about Santorum surging in the polls (*giggle) on Salon.com. As I got up and donned my coat, a song came on Wendy’s radio. Making My Dreams Come Through by Hall & Oates.

You should know, I can’t dance – unless I’m drunk and in Boystown, and then I’m AWESOME. But either way, at 10 seconds into the song, I’m doing something in my head that looks something like this:

Crossed with what happens at minute marker 1:15 here.

But something powerful was welling up inside me and wanted to shoot out of the index fingers that were at that very moment pointed out of my fists of clenched happiness and EXPLODE into the reality of…Wendy’s. I stopped myself with just a big ol’ spazzy shudder.

And this is how I sorta humiliated myself in public today, thanks to whatever radio station they have on at Wendy’s.

Please make me feel better about all of this by joining me in telling your most entertaining public embarrassment stories down in the comments section. Can’t wait! I think I’m still red in the face from mine. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about that time my pants fell down – all the way – on the escalator.