Brandywine | Daily Instagram


We totally grew this. Big, beautiful Brandywine tomatoes. This isn’t even the biggest one.

Sunflowers | Daily Instagram


The sunflowers in the vegetable garden are getting insane. The one right outside our bedroom window is seriously taller than the house now. Next year: tons more sunflowers.

Baby Bear’s Garden Veggies | Daily Instagram

Garden Veggies

Baby Bear has been loving all of the fresh produce out of the garden this summer. From the candy sweet cherry tomatoes to all of the fresh herbs (she was horrified by the pesto at dinner tonight until she tasted the fresh regular and lemon basil from the garden). Growing food is so cool.

Cherry Tomatoes | Daily Instagram

Cherry Tomatoes

Our haul of cherry tomatoes this year is turning out to be epic. But still…next year, one more plant. You can never have enough of these.

Treetops Bleeding Sunbeams | Daily Instagram

Treetops Bleeding Sunbeams

This little park by the house is smaller than the other nearby parks, but it is completely shaded by these beautiful trees. Win.