365 Photo Challenge | Day 71 | Shamrock

Day 71 - Shamrock

Day 71 of the 365 photo challenge is “Shamrock.” Oh how I love when Papa Bear wears his tight T-shirts. Funny how everyone thinks this Norwegian/Czech/German boy is Irish around this time of year.

Rainbow Your World | Seasonal Color Analysis

Do you feel great in your clothes?

I’m not talking about fit or fabric, I’m talking about color. Do you walk out of the house in your clothes and feel like you glow? Or do you disappear?

Thanks to one Jade green dress my little sister forced me to try on in Express one day, everything changed for me. I thought it would be hideous, but it was perhaps the most perfect color I have ever worn.

Clear Winter

This is a Clear Winter look if there ever was one.

It was at that point that I understood the power of my personal colors, and since then, I can’t stop exploring my personal world of color, and that of the people around me. I see people on the bus, and I’m figuring out their season. Perhaps thanks to my Seasonal Color Analysis Pinterest boards here, hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, here, and here, I have also been getting lots of questions from readers about seasonal color.

So to answer some of those questions in more detail, here is your 12 Season Color Analysis primer. Read on.

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Style Search | Hard Vintage

Last Saturday was my last day at the barbershop front desk. I dressed up for the occasion. Had to make use of my new ModCloth boots after all.

This photo shoot involves near-freezing temperatures, copious mud, nearby screaming teenage girls, multiple illnesses, and, if I dressed myself correctly, my first solid foray into the Clear Spring Palette with my new natural light brown hair.

Hard Vintage

Hard Vintage Color Swatch

Hard Vintage Color Palette

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7 Tips to Help Spindly Seedlings

My poor seedlings have not been doing well lately. They have been getting tall and weak and spindly under the grow lights downstairs for a few weeks now. I had been working off my best research and what the dude at Home Depot had told me, but when I noticed they were flopped over all pathetic-like with mold starting to grow, I got on the horn to my garden guru.

Tomato Seedlings

Vixen's bamboo skewer and twine tiny tomato seedling cages.

Vixen, as one dear Community Member is now answering to, has saved the day again. She talked me through what might be going wrong and sent me a photo of her little tomato seedlings with their adorable little handmade cages.

Now that I have some solid advice and real world experience, here are 7 tips I implemented to save my spindly seedlings.

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Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

Sometimes it all get to be too much. So much that you just have to toss yourself on the ground, despite there being bugs and worms and dirt down there.

Trees from Ground Level

Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

And then you have to run inside to get a camera, because hey look! More treetops! I will move on from this phase, I promise. It’s spring, people, there are lots of things happening up there and it’s exciting.

You can probably expect the same thing in the fall.

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