Rainbow Your World | Winter Color Palette

We are in mid February, the dead of winter here in Chicago, and finally there is snow on the ground. It’s about time we got a real taste of the fluffy white stuff!

While I’m not a fan of cold and snow, I do like living in a place where I can experience all four seasons, and more importantly, take pictures!

To celebrate the icy season, let’s talk about the three different shades of the Winter color palette: Cool Winter, Deep Winter and Clear Winter.

If you have not yet read my post about the 6 main characteristics of the 12 Season Color Analysis System, go check it out now! Keep reading to find out if you are a Winter, nail down your dominant coloring characteristic, and find out what to wear to look your very best.

Winter Color Palette

Winter Color Palette

Winter is the time when color drains away from the landscape. Crystalline ice forms around the edges of frosted window panes, and the world falls into a pale white stillness.

The green earth quietly slips away under a soft, cold, colorless blanket, occasionally broken by deep pine green, vibrant berry red, or sparkling crystal blue.

Shadows fall long and deep across unbroken white snow, and the quickly ebbing light paints the cold clear sky with icy pale hues.

That is the essence of the Winter color palette.

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Blue all over | Daily Instagram

Blue all over

Got a little dolled up for work New Year’s Eve (I even wore a dress!) but as usual, the hair does the talking.

Sidewalk Tracks | Daily Instagram

Sidewalk Tracks

Just love this square of concrete on my walk to work, in which not one, but two animals made some tracks while it was still wet, long ago.

Explorin’ Shoes | Daily Instagram

Explorin' Shoes

My shoes after my little exploring session. Muddy and soaked. Nice.

Stillness | Daily Instagram


Not a sound but for the rustling of the wind and an occasional goose honk.