A Very Etsy Christmas | Friday Obsessions

Christmas is legit right around the corner – are you ready?

Because we’re totally not. Not one stocking is hung, we haven’t picked up any gifts yet (more about that next week!), and we’re still unsure about whether or not to put up a tree, because our fat little kitten is an asshole who loves nothing more than destroying things.

Wiggum in da Tree

She spent December running laps in here and occasionally darting out to dispatch breakable ornaments. Jerk.

But today, in the digital world at least, we are Christmas prepped.

I have trolled my way all over Etsy to find some of the coolest tidings of joy around, from Christmas cards for the not-so Christmas-y amongst us, a collection of tasty Christmas-flavored lollipops, some adorable ornaments for the tree (again, assuming we get one up), some beautiful wall calendars to get ready for the new year, and some nifty wrapping paper (both real and printable!) to make Santa’s leavings even cooler than usual.

Just click on each picture to check each item out in its entirety on Etsy!

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Nesting DIY | Friday Obsessions

Now that we’ve moved into our new place, I am uber jazzed to start decorating, project-ing, and making this place a home.

Nesting, if you will. Yes, I realize that terms is usually applied to baby preparation, but we’re still at least a year and a half away from that.

Nesting DIY Inspiration

But there’s a challenge in the nesting here at our new place. Any projects have to be of a fairly temporary/portable nature, because we’re only going to be here for a year. That means no painting of walls, and working in a very limited space. I’ve been splashing about on Pinterest again (surprise, surprise) and finding some really fun home DIY projects to riff off of in the upcoming months.

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Beard Love | Friday Obsessions

It should come as a surprise to no one that reads this blog regularly I have a serious thing for beards.

I am a barber who loves to groom them, and I am married to a large beardy thing. So for today’s Friday Obsessions, I bring you…BEARDS. 9 of them, in fact, on some very foxy men. Oh, and one hell of a beard infographic.

The Beardly

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Craft & Burn | Friday Obsessions

We crafters have many things.

Supplies, issues, therapists, whatever.

Yesterday I was introduced to Kim and her show Craft & Burn, who a) made me feel better about myself and b) made me wonder if this is how my family actually sees me. After all, I watched all 9 videos in this series while safety pinning matched Rainbow Blorp limbs and eyeballs to Rainbow Blorp bodies.

Rainbow Blorps

Yes, this is what I obsessively make in my “free time.”

Kim and Craft & Burn make their home on the Digs Channel on YouTube, where we follow her therapy and crafts from her bathtub. Because it is “a safe environment and clean workspace.” Makes perfect sense to me.

Read on for the video, and the other great shows from the Digs Channel.

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Etsy Octopus Love | Friday Obsessions

It is frustrating/exciting when one of your weird little obsessions goes mainstream.

Case in point: octopi.

I love these weird and squishy creatures, perhaps because of all of the crafts and projects I imagine I could do with 8 prehensile arms. And now they’re everywhere! Hooray and boo, all at the same time.

Silver Octopus Necklace

I own this particular piece. I call him Klaus. Tis a good octo-name.

I have been trolling Etsy quite a bit lately (in preparation for my upcoming shop!), and I gathered together a whole mess o’ cephalopods for you. And for me, but whatever.

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