Easy Room Decor | Herb Pots

Herb Pots

Last summer we had more herbs growing in the garden than we knew what to do with. So when the frosts were starting to set in, I cut some sprigs and put them in some of the many random jars we had sitting around the house, leaving them uncovered to dry.

I think they bring a little something special to the room, don’t you? And you never know when you’re going to use them. I ended up emptying one out when we had enough wax left to make two more candles, so the chamomile and some of the lavender had to go. We still have plenty of thyme, basil and some lavender left though!

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365 Photo Challenge | Day 11 | Climb

Day 11 - Climb

Day 11 of the 365 photo challenge is “Climb.” There is this one house I always pass walking from the street I park on when I go to work that is covered in ivy during the summer. It’s a beautiful little dream house down in Wicker Park, and I desperately want to live there. If only I could climb those steps to my house every day.

Reusable DIY Sticky Note Calendar

In our house, calendars are required to keep life livable.

But there are problems with most wall calendars.

  • You can only see one month at a time.
  • Days get too filled up/scratched off, etc.
  • You have to buy a new one every year.

Reusable DIY Sticky Note Calendar

Methinks I have come up with a better way. With little more than 12 sheets of scrapbook paper and some Post-its, you can make a beautiful wall calendar where you can rewrite and replace days when you need to, see the entire year at a glance (real-time, not even just calendar year), and use it again, year after year.

It’s pretty cool, let me show you how.

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Lunaria Love | Daily Instagram

Lunaria Love

My sister’s rainbow wedding this summer needed a little greenery, so we turned to Save on Crafts for some lunaria to nature the barn up a bit. Then we used it for our after-wedding party decoration. And now we have shoved some in a vase to brighten up the bedroom. Come on money tree, bring that fortune.

Spice Rack Storage | Daily Instagram

Spice Rack Shelves

Baby Bear’s room has so much stuff in it, and we need ever more places to store her toys. And for some reason we had an extra spice rack. Problem partially solved!