Ghosts stalk the veggie garden

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, and the cats are freaking the hell out for some reason. Admittedly the ever growing kitten is in heat for the first time, but they’re skittering around like ferrets in the back of a pickup truck, and I’m home alone. Getting the little lady spayed is on the to do list, but its not like she has anything to worry about. This creature is the only other of the species at home, and he’s a prissy neutered drag queen.


Who loves kitty? You love kitty, yes you do.

But alas, it’s pretty much November, and the vegetable garden and annuals are dying off or have but a few numbered days. I now have to find in my vast quantities of spare time a few days to get outside, clear all the dead stuff out, and start really hunkering it down for winter. We’ve gotten 9 bags of free mulch from the village recycling center already (you just have to go shovel it yourself), and it’s looking like we need perhaps 37 more? Oy vey, there be so much to do.

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