SKNY Ravelry Project Roundup

Selfish Knitting New Year is almost here!

I know you are probably elbow deep in your Christmas projects right now, but I wanted to ask – have you rounded up your patterns that you are making for yourself for January? No?

Bilbo Socks by Claire Ellen

Bilbo Socks by Claire Ellen – Check out the One Ring! Adorbs!

Worry not, I did it for you. Today I’m bringing you 42 Ravelry knitting patterns for items for the head, neck, hands and feet (including a plethora of LOTR socks – yes, I’m totally geeking out on them) to get your motors running. They are all fairly quick to make (i.e. all accessories, no sweaters), all available online, and all anywhere from free to $6 each.

Are you ready to make some beautiful things for yourself? Click here to read more about how to participate! Then just click on any of the photos below to check out the patterns on Ravelry.

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4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

Last week Elsie at A Beautiful Mess posted something that I was immediately compelled to steal.

But it’s okay, she told me to steal it. Elsie challenged her readers to come up with 4 simple goals to complete before 2013. It’s just a little way of keeping ourselves focused during this upcoming rollercoaster of madness from now until the end of the year.

4 Simple Goals for 2013

Keep reading for Elsie’s rules, my goals, and how you could have your goals featured on A Beautiful Mess!

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Daily Inspiration – Going Up

New Year, new blog. Things are happening around here people. I’ve been figuring out coding and how to do a bunch of the more fun, behind-the-scenes stuff that I hope will make this blog an even more valuable resource and community in the future.

Things are on an upward trajectory

Selfish-Knitting New Year – Snapdragon Fliptops

Now that I have quit smoking (kind of, I still have a few weeks of the patch left, so I don’t consider myself there yet), I think I deserve a treat.That treat will be a pair of Snapdragon Fliptops.
For a long time I was hesitant to knit something for my hands. As a (former) smoker and exclusive user of natural fiber, non-crappy yarns, I knew that if I made myself a pair of gloves or mittens or whatever, the smoky smell would infiltrate the fibers completely, making them gross and dingy in no time.
They call for MadelineTosh DK yarn, which they are currently out of at Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns,my only good local yarn shop (they have worsted, but that doesn’t help me right now).
I am completely loving the Candlewick colorway (the one shown for the finished fliptops is Gilded, but they’re close), especially since I figured out my perfect color palette – variations of peacock (blue green and purple) and yellow.Red and orange have no place in my wardrobe, they makes me look dead.
But now that I’ve kicked the smoke, I deserve something nice. As luck would have it, the DK is scheduled to arrive in January, just in time for SKNY. Oh yes, this will be item #1 for Selfish Knitting New Year.

What are your Selfish Knitting New Year project shaping up to be?

Selfish Knitting New Year

It seems something I mentioned in the Meaning of Life Scarf post really struck a chord with some of you. I know it was the first time I had seriously thought about it, and haven’t been able to stop since.

Elf on a Shelf

via Coffin Confections

Selfish knitting, people, let’s talk about it. How long have you been knitting? How much of money have you given to your favorite LYSs? How many hours have you spent knitting things only to give them away and never see them again, much less see them worn by the person you made them for? How many lace-weight items has your freaking mother lost? How many items that you have knitted belong to you and you actually wear?

If your answers are anything like mine, smack yourself in the head, run a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, and get ready to pamper yourself a little bit.

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