Merry Freaking Christmas!

It’s Christmas, friends, and with all of our family gatherings wrapped up in the previous week, Papa Bear are enjoying a long-awaited and magical LOTR-filled day of togetherness.

The One Ring

And with this, Leave Me to My Projects is going to wrap it up for the year. I’ll still be working, but behind the scenes to polish up the blog, do a little reorganizing, and make this blog in reality what it is in my head. Because seriously, that blog is the BOMB.

This last year has blown me away with readers (yes, it is still mind boggling to me that I have readers – the sometimes 1,000 a day arriving here have my undying gratitude) that have taught me and challenged me to grow as much as I hope I have helped them.

Thank you, each and every one of you.

Solstice Greetings!

Today marks the winter solstice, the day of the year when the least of the sun’s rays reach us down here on Earth.

Today in Chicago, the sun rose at 7:15 a.m. and sets again at 4:23 p.m. Compare that to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, when the sun rises at 5:16 a.m. and sets at 8:29 p.m.

Here in Chicago we got our first snowfall of the year that stuck, right after a day of torrential rain. I’m sort of terrified to see the block of ice I imagine my car to be encased in this morning.

Snow Queen Winter Solstice Yule Goddess 5x7 Greeting Card by Emily Balivet

Snow Queen Winter Solstice Yule Goddess 5×7 Greeting Card by Emily Balivet

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Broke for Christmas? Bake!

This year Papa Bear and I are in a conundrum that we have been through before, and one that I know so many others are in as well. We’re broke.

He is in barber school, Baby Bear just started private preschool, and we just moved into a new place. So yeah, the account balance is a little low at the moment. But we still have the little monkey, brothers, sisters, their spouses, our parents, grandparents, coworkers and more to buy for. So what to do?

I think we came up with the perfect solution. Bake! And then presents for the little one.

Sugar High Pinterest Board

Sugar High Pinterest Board

Baked goods are made with so much love (and sugar and butter), by our hands and from the heart, we can crank out huge batches for not much money, and delicious sweet things make everyone happy. And this way we’ll be able to give to even more people!

We’ll be whipping up some serious batches this weekend, including my Ginger Orange Molasses Cookies! In the meantime, be sure to check out my Sugar High Pinterest board to get some ideas for your own holiday baking.

Are you buying gifts this year, or making them?

A Very Etsy Christmas | Friday Obsessions

Christmas is legit right around the corner – are you ready?

Because we’re totally not. Not one stocking is hung, we haven’t picked up any gifts yet (more about that next week!), and we’re still unsure about whether or not to put up a tree, because our fat little kitten is an asshole who loves nothing more than destroying things.

Wiggum in da Tree

She spent December running laps in here and occasionally darting out to dispatch breakable ornaments. Jerk.

But today, in the digital world at least, we are Christmas prepped.

I have trolled my way all over Etsy to find some of the coolest tidings of joy around, from Christmas cards for the not-so Christmas-y amongst us, a collection of tasty Christmas-flavored lollipops, some adorable ornaments for the tree (again, assuming we get one up), some beautiful wall calendars to get ready for the new year, and some nifty wrapping paper (both real and printable!) to make Santa’s leavings even cooler than usual.

Just click on each picture to check each item out in its entirety on Etsy!

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Shop The Project Shoppe for the Holidays!

Looking for a unique handmade gift for someone special on your list?  Check out some of the offerings on The Project Shoppe on Etsy!

Shipping charges on-site are calculated based on  the furthest possible shipping in the US, so if you’re not up in the tip of Washington, contact me directly and I can work out a more accurate shipping rate.

Rainbow Blorp & Mini Blorp

Rainbow Blorp & Mini Blorp

The Rainbow Blorp is an explosion of happy. From his manically buggy eyes to his overstretched smile to his head curly-cue to his wee little T-rex arms just poised to hug you to the fact that he’s a freaking rainbow, everything little thing about the Rainbow Blorp tells you that he is JAZZED to see you, and wants you to have your best day ever.

Let your Rainbow Blorp be your mascot in life, or bop him off your child’s head. He’s soft and cuddly enough that he does not have to power to injure a soul.

Each Blorp has been lovingly petted and cooed over by the Baby Bear, pictured. These toys, however, seem to especially appeal to adult men. I cannot tell you how many of them have purchased these toys from me, for themselves.

Blorp Backstory: When I was a child, I WAS Rainbow Brite. Ever since, I have had more than a little obsession with the entire color spectrum. I wanted a fat, blorpy ridiculous rainbow mascot to sit at my barber chair at work, and the Rainbow Blorp was born. He makes me smile every time I look at him.

Mini Blorps are also available in the store. Each Blorp’s color pattern will be slightly different. I can ship to places other than the US and Canada – message me for shipping rates.

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