Birthday Reflections & Big News

Today is my birthday. This day, March the 29th, I turn 30. And it’s 50 degrees out, so BONUS!

Weirdly enough, I’m kind of liking this 30 thing already. A big birthday like this makes you think. It makes you think about what you want to put out into the world and what you want to get back from it. That’s exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of months.

You see, for some time now I have been feeling like I have been getting pulled in so many directions. There is of course my day job/career which I love. That is a place where, as a barber, my job is to help people find their way to looking like the best version of themselves. My job is to guide and educate them so they feel like they have a handle on their hair.

Rainbow & Strawberry Field Engagement

Yes, it is just hair, but as with every part of presenting yourself to the world, once you have an element of it down, that is one less thing you need to worry about in letting you be you. It leaves you free to focus on the more important stuff.

The disconnect for me was happening with the blog here, we do so many things. Knitting, crafts and DIY, recipes, home and garden, style, and more recently, seasonal color. Ever since we started discussing color and how it impacts your life and style here on the blog, the response has been overwhelming. Comments and emails poured in from both men and women (although the boys went more for email) who have always struggled with finding colors and a style that suited them.

After a few months of questions like this, I decided that I wanted to be able to help people more thoroughly than I could over the course of a few emails, and in a much more organized way. So I decided to put together a color analysis service for Leave Me to My Projects. Within the first week I found myself crushed under orders, and had to raise the price slightly to keep up with demand. But more people kept reaching out, and I knew I had hit on something that resonated.

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No More Confused Burrito

It is T-7 days until I enter a new decade of my life. And then I will be 30.

I’m actually kind of excited. One of the reasons is that lately, I have been feeling happier, more focused and more centered than I perhaps ever have in my life.

Day 68 - Me

Today another one of my friends turned 30, and she asked a question yesterday on Facebook that has gotten a tidal wave of comments. Her question was this:

This is the last day of my 20’s, and all day I will be reflecting over the insane amount of growth that occurs between the eve of turning 20 and the eve of turning 30. Tell me something interesting you learned from your 20’s. It doesn’t have to be the most important thing (but it could be!) or the most useful advice (but it could be that, too!). It could be deep. It could be irreverent. But tell me all the same. 🙂

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A Day Without Words | Green & Stuffed All Over

Don’t you love it when you can knock a bunch of fun things off your to do list all at once – like hang out with friends, celebrate a holiday, and make delicious food? For St. Patrick’s Day this year we got to hang with our friends Josh and Nikki, who we do not get to see as much as we would like to, and their adorable little Corgi Jax. He was wearing a bow tie. I squee-ed. Their house is full of awesomely geeky things, and there was maple-y bacon syrup for the bourbon, shitloads of corned beef, and Guinness bread. What a wonderful day.

A Day Without Words | Green & Stuffed All Over

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iPhone Love

Last week was exciting for me. Because I got an iPhone 5.

Yay! My old phone was dying, and I was due for an upgrade, so I went for it.

Hobbit Door iPhone 5 Case

Hobbit Door iPhone 5 Case – Need

My old phone was a Droid, because I have always been PC girl (being a giant gamer nerd). It was for this reason that I couldn’t seem to convince myself to go over to Mac for the longest time. So I had a Droid, because keeping your devices as compatible as possible seemed a good idea.

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365 Photo Challenge | Day 76 | Wearing Of The Green

Day 76 - Wearing Of The Green

Day 76 of the 365 photo challenge is “Wearing Of The Green.” Papa Bear’s favorite belt buckle. Oh, that foxy husband of mine.