A Day Without Words | Crafty Work Day

I love my Mondays off. I may be off work, but I’m always working anyway. It was a day of craft projects this Monday, some successful, some not, sun and snow, milk mustache mornings before school, and a little walk to clear my head. Oh, and the kitties. Always hanging around.

A Day Without Words - Crafty Work Day

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Journal Embroidery | You Shall Not Pass

Embroidery floss is a hell of a drug.

It comes in hundreds of colors in every tiny variation of hue, and taunts me every time I enter a craft store, daring me to buy each and every one. And at just a handful of pennies each, I probably could. But alas, I resist. Because one only needs so much floss.

And I’ve hardly ever even embroidered.

I occasionally use the flossy stuff for knitting projects, but actual embroidery projects? Yeah, I’ve never done one of those. Kind of makes my floss addiction seem silly. But the COLORS. Oh, the colors.

Journal Embroidery | You Shall Not Pass

Lately Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl (who I have just about the biggest shy geek crush on ever – LOVE HER) has been doing a lot of journal embroidery (here, here, here and here), and I thought, hey, I could totally do that! But I’m not much of a journaler. But I am a day planner.

Even though I still don’t have my planner finished due to me still not recovering my life off my hard drive, I still have quite a few important bits in my handy dandy Discbound, and I felt the front page needed a stern warning to any would be intruders.

Yes, Gandalf would do nicely for that.

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Shall I Compare Thee to a Glass of Booze?

Hello friends!

Today I’m turning Leave Me to My Projects over to Project Community member and friend of the blog, Holly, otherwise known as SillyLittleLady. She makes swoon-worthy pretty knitting patterns, and is the creator of those insane bearded Viking Helmets you may have seen in your travels about the interwebs.

I freaking love this girl. Kindred geeky spirits, for real. And we both like wine. I hope you enjoy her comparative musings on the two addiction-inducing substances today. And don’t forget to check out her blog, Etsy and Ravelry!



Hi, I’m Holly of SillyLittleLady and I’m a knittaholic.

Holly Priestley

It all started back in my single-digit years; I was introduced to the addiction early. Like a fish to water, I took to the craft, gathered many needles, even re-used a few from “friends” who were really enablers of this dependence. Over the years my need grew, the craving could never be satiated and the paraphernalia started adding up. A bag here, a drawer there, it took over my living arrangements, my car, my job.

Money was spent, accouterments obtained, I was so far down the rabbit hole that I didn’t even know there was an “out.” The habit is an easy one to fall into, a tough one to break, and it’s been so long since I was clean that these days, I can’t even fathom what life would be like outside of this obsession.

Over time, I’ve found that this compulsion can be compounded into something even greater if I combine it with other things that bring me joy – certain people, particular sources of sustenance, even my favorite spaces. While I enjoy a good knit, I really enjoy pairing it with a good glass of wine.

In my years of knitting and sipping, I’ve come across a few likenesses between the wines I drink and the yarns I use, surely you’ve done this too? Here are a few of my favorite pairings:

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Favorite Things | New Books | February

Yesterday we started a new monthly tradition around here. Books!

Papa Bear and I are massive book nerds, but we haven’t added anything to our collection in so long. Tight financial times do require some restrictions, but every once in a while, it’s not the worst thing in the world to treat yourself to some literary love.

Favorite Things - New Books - February

Yesterday Baby Bear and I had some time to kill, so we dropped by the bookstore. Like you do.

We picked up a book for each of us three bears, which I think we need to do once a month from here on out. Here’s what we found!

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Things I Love Thursday | Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day! And I could not be happier.

Being a barber (although this applies to pretty much all service industry folks), I prefer to make money instead of spend it on holidays like this. This is a really good money week, is what I’m saying.

Sheldon and Pancakes

Sheldon is a tiny dinosaur that thinks he’s a turtle. He loves you enough to share.

But still, in the spirit of the season, I thought I would round up some Valentine’s Day fun for this inaugural edition of the new Things I Love Thursday feature. This one is for those of us who hate pink, and could definitely do without all the hearts and flowers and lace and frills, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you guys out there.

For the record, I am madly in love with my husband of 6 months, partner of 3 years, but even so this particular hyped-up holiday is way too much for me.

So here are your Valentines, in love or not fellow Valentine’s Day downers, with some neat, sweet (but not too sweet), and delicious V-Day love from some of the most crushable folks on my blogroll(s).

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