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Norweigan Fisherman's Sweater A-Makin'!

Community Members know that I’m in the in the middle of making my first sweater/first paid pattern. It is finally coming together! And now on to the sleeves! Are you a Project Community member yet? Why not, it’s free!

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Geektastic Night

Writing out sweater knitting pattern, mapping it in Excel and watching Buffy. It’s my kind of night.

Walden’s Wood Mitts Knitting Pattern

The leaves are falling, the air is chilly and crisp…and that means it’s knitting season again, which further means I am neck deep in the woolly goodness.

It’s also the perfect time of year for mitts. Or armwarmers, or wristwarmers, or fingerless gloves, or whatever you want to call them. It’s not quite cold enough to need full gloves, but it’s definitely brisk, and you want to block the cold from creeping up your sleeves.

Walden's Wood Mitts

My Walden’s Wood Mitts, in a dusky blue color are the perfect thing to wear while creeping around in the woods being contemplative and taking pictures and stuff. And trying not to fall off the brittle tree roots jutting out over the stream that one is precariously perched on while a 4-year-old pokes you in the back with a stick.

Or reading, or holding a steamy mug of hot chocolate, or waiting for that damned bus, or freezing your ass off at work. Multipurpose, these mitts are. Enjoy, and if you make them, send us a photo!

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Selfish Knitting New Year 2013 is Coming…

With every cool evening where a chill creeps into the air and makes you reach for a snuggly sweater, we knitters get the itch to dig our fingers into the wooly stuff.

But remember Selfish Knitting New Year, and our vow to actually knit things for ourselves on occasion? I know it’s only September, we’re all already in the middle of Christmas present knitting, and these last few months of the year go quickly. So while you knit your gifts, make sure you’re also gathering patterns you want to wear, stash that yarn, and prepare.

Selfish Knitting New Year 2013 is coming…

Nina Chicago

Nina Chicago, my favorite yarn shop in the world

Join up, knit yourself some pretties, and get a free copy of my upcoming sweater pattern!

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Knitted Toys and The Project Shoppe on Etsy!

Knitting is a hell of a drug.

Once you begin, there is no going back. At first, you’re content with acrylic yarn and plastic needles. Then you move up to metal and wool. Then you discover bamboo and cashmere. It’s a slippery slope.

Knitted Toys

Baby Bear SURROUNDED by Rainbow Blorps

Even if you’re a knitter who is addicted to the good stuff for wearable knits, there is a way you can use up those random partial skeins of yarn, no matter how cheap or rough the fiber: toys.

And in case you were wondering, yes, you can totally buy these dudes pictured here on my brand spanking new Etsy shop, The Project Shoppe!

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