Three-Day Summer Hair Tutorial

Warm summer nights are coming.

If that sentence makes you want to put on something floaty and run through wheat fields with the butterflies, and dance around bonfires on the beach to the beats of drum circles, this soft and charming braid from Sincerely, Kinsey is just what you need.

Sincerely Kinsey Hair Braid Tutorial

Click for the full tutorial.

Although summer hair is supposed to be simple and effortless, keeping it pretty without the frizz, without (much) product and without any heat styling is a feat. You can find Kinsey’s tutorial for her summer nights braid by clicking on the photo above.

If you want to find out how to turn it into three days worth of gorgeous summer hair, with tips from a professional a) hairdresser (me) and b) perfect-hair having festival kid (my sister), read on.

Although I am a short-haired girl and have no plans to go back, I did once have quite a lot of hair. I also have a little sister who spent most of her twenties at multiple-day crunchy granola hippie jam band festivals. She also has perfect hair. Just about always. Even when she has been sweaty and dancing living in a tent for days.

These are our sisterly hair secrets.

Happy Ginger

This is how I will always see my sister.

Day 1: Messy bun

  1. Shampoo hair thoroughly.
  2. Condition ends of hair only, but not the first two inches of roots.
  3. Towel dry hair and allow to air dry most of the way.
  4. Starting at the whorl on the upper back of your head (that big main cowlick where your hair all meets – everyone has one), loosely twist two-inch sections into a messy bun and secure with an octopus clip.

Day 2: Big curls

  1. Mist with a light leave-in conditioner or sea spray and lightly comb through and scrunch hair with your fingers.
  2. Note: If you are the type that digs your head into your pillow while you sleep and you wake up frizzy, mist hair repeat step 4 above and leave the clip in while you get ready for the day (about 1 hour).
  3. Shake it out for big, beautiful curls.

Day 3:

If you have not been over to Kinsey’s blog, please make a trip. She is one of those bloggers who makes me believe that I don’t have to narrow down the things I love to make this blog work. We both like so very many things.

She is also a contributor over on A Beautiful Mess, one of my all time favorite reads. You might want to go ahead and bookmark both, right now.

What’s your favorite summer hair trick?