Craft & Burn | Friday Obsessions

We crafters have many things.

Supplies, issues, therapists, whatever.

Yesterday I was introduced to Kim and her show Craft & Burn, who a) made me feel better about myself and b) made me wonder if this is how my family actually sees me. After all, I watched all 9 videos in this series while safety pinning matched Rainbow Blorp limbs and eyeballs to Rainbow Blorp bodies.

Rainbow Blorps

Yes, this is what I obsessively make in my “free time.”

Kim and Craft & Burn make their home on the Digs Channel on YouTube, where we follow her therapy and crafts from her bathtub. Because it is “a safe environment and clean workspace.” Makes perfect sense to me.

Read on for the video, and the other great shows from the Digs Channel.

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