Style Search | Snow Day

Tuesday was a wonderful day. School was cancelled for the hubby bear, and my boss called me when I was about to walk out the door to tell me that I didn’t need to brave the snow for my 30-mile commute down to the city. Huzzah!

Style Search | Snow Day

Funny, because this is one of the only days I was all dressed up pretty for work. That is because, as I promised Kaylah (otherwise known as The Dainty Squid) in my Blog Crushes & Resolutions post on Monday, I totally managed to get out for a photo shoot this morning! And I even had Papa Bear to help! Best of all, we managed to capture the pure essence of both the Clear Winter and Cool Winter seasons in these photos.

It was a stunningly beautiful, if cold morning, and I headed into the woods to be a winter fairy.

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A Day Without Words | Crafty Work Day

I love my Mondays off. I may be off work, but I’m always working anyway. It was a day of craft projects this Monday, some successful, some not, sun and snow, milk mustache mornings before school, and a little walk to clear my head. Oh, and the kitties. Always hanging around.

A Day Without Words - Crafty Work Day

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365 Photo Challenge | Day 54 | Framed

Day 54 - Framed

Day 53 of the 365 photo challenge is “Sweet Treats.” Snow day out the window.

A Day Without Words | Light & Shadows

Just a typical day in the life. A little knitting in the morning, a trip to Michaels, a stop at a frozen forest preserve to capture my 365 Project photo of the day, grabbing a coffee at The Wormhole, cutting, shaving, and the creepiest thing ever watching me get into my car on the way home. All in a day’s work.

A Day Without Words - Light & Shadows

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365 Photo Challenge | Day 50 | A Tree

Day 50 - A Tree

Day 50 of the 365 photo challenge is “A Tree.” Community member Andrea commented on Instagram that she knew I would have an easy time with this one. I do love taking pictures of trees.