365 Photo Challenge | Day 57 | From The Side

Day 57 - From The Side

Day 57 of the 365 photo challenge is “From The Side.” Wiggum is so good about posing for pictures. And she’s so pretty too. Too bad she’s so shy around people who don’t live with her, no one else ever sees her fat little wiggly butt.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 38 | Use Your Senses

Day 38 - Use Your Senses

Day 38 of the 365 photo challenge is “Use Your Senses.” Wiggum is a silent grey blub that skitters around the corners of the house like a gremlin. She is also quite cuddly, but only with Papa Bear and I. No one else ever sees her. She’s our little house ghost. As it turns out, it’s near impossible to get her to use her sense of smell without her attempting to use her sense of taste, so this shot took awhile.

Kitteh Luvs | Daily Instagram

Kitteh Luvs

Monty here used to hate little Wiggum when we first got her. The unending sweetness and adorability seem to finally won him over though, and now these snuggles happen all the time. Immediately after this photo was taken, a mutual head bath began, and lasted a half an hour. Sweet little bastards.

Wiggum in Da Tub | Daily Instagram

Wiggum in Da Tub

Silent grey creeps in the tub, just waiting for a visitor to lock eyes with.