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I have a confession. On Fridays, I cannot read a clock.

You see, I did this thing again, where I showed up to work multiple hours early on a Friday. I think I am just so paranoid about being late, something misfires in my brain and tells me that I need to leave the house NOW. I don’t know, there is no excuse for me sometimes. At least I’m wrong in the right direction.

On the bright side, when I make this mistake, I have more time for lunch than usual, and I can go eat somewhere that takes a little more time than the usual half hour that I have to walk somewhere, order food, eat it and walk back.

Local (Chicago) | Antique Taco

Enter, Antique Taco. If there is a more delicious taco anywhere, in a cuter place, I haven’t found it. [Read more…]

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Can't Stop

Won’t stop.

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Wicker House

Some of the houses on my walk to work from the street with all the free parking has houses that make me want to die. Because I will never get to live somewhere that pretty. Houses. Such teases.