Rainbow Prairie Barn Wedding Instagram Sneak Peek

My leetle seester got married Friday to one of the most wonderful men I know.

The weather was perfect after days of torrential rain, so everything was fresh and green. She was absolutely gorgeous, he looked ever so dapper, everything worked out, despite many near-misses (a certain redhead forgot to tell anyone where the rings were, and they nearly got lost), and the wedding went off without a hitch.

Beautiful Bride Sister

It will be a little while before seester gets the pictures back and I can share all of the purdy rainbow-y details with you, but I did manage to snap plenty of Instagrams throughout the day. Check out a little sneak peek of the magic!

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Barn Silo Bar | Daily Instagram

Barn Silo Bar

The freaking amazing bar area in the barn silo at my leetle seester’s wedding

My Multiple Proposal Story

Papa Bear proposed to me Friday night. Again. This is sort of the fourth time. I said yes. Again. And I alerted him to the presence of my finger minions. My knuckles have faces. Can you see the face? He has friends.

Engagement Ring

The for real stand-in engagement ring!

So how did we manage to go through four proposals and two rings before we have even gotten hitched? Funny story about that, and my finger minions too.

Keep reading, because I also share where you can get this ring and other gorgeous handmade botanical jewelry – because as you may know, the only kinds of jewelry I wear are animal and nature themed.

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Day and Night Handfasting Inspiration

When Papa Bear and I were first planning our wedding, it was to be a simple pagan handfasting under a full moon with a nod to both the day time and the night. It was to be full of natural blues and greens, and what little decorations there were, were to be flea market finds and handmade. It would have looked something like this:

Day Night Handfasting Inspiration Board

I am looking for a term for this particular aesthetic. The soundtrack for this board is Mumford & Sons and The Vitrolum Republic. Thoughts?

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My Full Moon Wedding

Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new Leave Me to My Projects! To kick off the new and improved site, I’m going to get all New Age and tell you how to choose the right moon phase for your wedding, and point you towards the most unspeakably gorgeous bespoke wedding rings on earth.

Moon Phases

Click to find the moon phase for your wedding date

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