Wedding DIY Failure | The Glory (Doily) Lamp Debacle

Craft and DIY blogs make all of the projects you see look so easy and perfect.

But we all know not every project is really so easy peasy. In fact, some of them are outright disasters. But you never get to see those do you? Until today.

Dos Family Doily Lamp

The giant doily lamp that has been all over Pinterest for some time is one of the most stunningly gorgeous DIYs I have seen in awhile, and we knew we had to have it for my leetle seester’s rainbow wedding. Yeah, easier said than done, as many on the interwebs have mentioned, and we found the hard way. But at least it was with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

Even though the wedding came and went sans-doily lamp, we are still going to make one of these mofos at some point. Because now it’s personal. So here’s how everything went so very wrong, and how you can fix it.

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15 of the Best Wedding Blogs on the Internet

Wedding blogs, man. There are just so damn many of them! Wedding planning is complicated enough without wading through the sea of chiffon to find the resources and more importantly style you’re craving.

Well worry not, because I did it for you. Culled from the 100+ wedding blogs (I’m talking just wedding-dedicated blogs here) in my Bloglovin’ feed, I give you the details behind 15 of the best wedding blogs on the internet.

I’m not saying there aren’t scores of other great wedding blogs out there, but if they are out there, chances are I know of them – these the blogs made this list because they know who they are and what they do inside and out, and they do it incredibly well. I hope you love them as much as I do.

1) 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake

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Wedding Window Frames: Let’s DIY!

Yesterday I tried to go for a nice walk. A couple of times. It was a gorgeous day outside and I was stuck inside, staring at my computer screen, trying to write about wedding beards. They’re quite a thing these days! Alas, my urge to feel the warm spring breeze on my face was entirely too much, so I marched outside looking like a homeless ragamuffin to walk away the coffee and computer jitters.

Off I marched, on a mission to feel like myself again so that I could get some work done. But each time I rounded the corner and got halfway down the block, windows kept throwing themselves in my path.

DIY Wedding Window Frame

Half of the windows that I dragged home in one trip. Muscles!

No really! It’s not as if they were poor and desperate and trying to collect insurance money.  They were actually leaned up against a tree on the parkway, which is the universal sign for “take me, I’m free.”

Coincidentally, do you remember my seester’s rustic vintage rainbow wedding coming up this July? You see, we have all been keeping an eye out for rustic vintage finds to decorate the barn in which the wedding will be held. One item that we had had absolutely no luck finding were old window frames, which we had thought to use as picture frames or something. It hasn’t been decided yet.

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