Our Intimately Modern Pagan Full Moon Foodie Wedding Part 3

Our wedding ceremony and reception were both magical and full of love.

But there was a whole different kind of love on the menu that night as well.

Wedding Rings on After Dinner Treats at Tru


Get ready, because the third and final installment of our wedding series is the food – at Tru restaurant in Chicago.

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Our Intimately Modern Pagan Full Moon Foodie Wedding Part 2

On Friday I shared our magical wedding ceremony.

Tru Wedding Reception

It was the best day of our lives, and everything we could have ever hoped. But wait, there’s totally more! Now we’re off to the reception at Tru.

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Our Intimately Modern Pagan Full Moon Foodie Wedding Part 1

For nearly the entire life of this blog, I’ve been chittering with excitement about our wedding.

And now, at long last, here is is! I have been ever so excited to share it with all of you, but I have been utterly unable to narrow down the 500-something photos to a single post. The best I could do was three posts – the ceremony, the reception, and the food. Because the food really does deserve its own post.

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Wedding

So let me welcome you to our intimately modern pagan full moon foodie wedding (handfasting) ceremony!

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5 Tips for a Perfect Engagement Session

Your engagement photos are something you want to get right.

Not to be on a blog necessarily, (although we will be featured on Rustic Wedding Chic on the September 29th – keep an eye out!), but for your future selves. Just imagine looking back on yourselves many years down the road when you’re awesome old people at your much younger and deliriously in love selves. I know if I had photos like this of my parents from before they were married, they would be absolutely priceless to me.

But an engagement session is about more than the photos themselves. We didn’t do one for my first wedding, and consequently we had absolutely no idea what to do with ourselves in front of the photographer on the day of the wedding.

Tyler & Natalie Engagement Session

You’re spending some money on this photo session, making memories and images to last a lifetime, and having a dry run with your wedding photographer, all in one. Here are five ways to make your engagement session the best it can be.

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We’re Married!

Over the weekend, I married the love of my life.

And even though there are ever so many people in our lives that we love beyond words, the only people in attendance were those who are the very closest to us, our immediate families and all four of Baby Bear’s parents. By keeping it small, we were able to give those who are always there for us, day-to-day, to a truly special night that none of us will ever forget.

Natalie & Tyler Wedding by Roberta Rae Photography

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