Stillness | Daily Instagram


Not a sound but for the rustling of the wind and an occasional goose honk.

Around the Bend | Daily Instagram

Around the Bend

I could have just tromped through this forest preserve all day, following this little river.

Grey Morning | Daily Instagram

Grey Morning

Sometimes when you turn the wrong way on a soggy morning, you just have to pull over and muck it up to take some pictures.

Exploring on a rainy day | Daily Instagram

Exploring on a rainy day

It’s pouring outside, but it makes no matter to Baby Bear. She has her Rambo banana, a rope, and pre-moving mounds of boxes all around. The world is an exciting place, but there is still time to scout out the picture window.

Foggy Beach Morning | Daily Instagram

Foggy Beach Morning

The morning after the wedding, the remnants of the Florida storms were rolling through Chicago. I love foggy mornings.