Your Gear Up for Summer Checklist

June is here, which means summer is right around the corner.

Each year we look forward to summer and see warm, hazy days, lazy afternoons in a hammock or on the beach, icy drinks, a bounty of fruits and freshness. That’s what we see.

Red Converse in Poppies

Does anyone know who took this brilliant photo? This is my life. via Pinterest

But then it gets here, and we realize we had forgotten all about how horrible getting into a roasting car is. We had forgotten about the mosquitoes and sunburns and how dirty all of the outdoor furniture gets over the winter. We forgot about how difficult it can be to cook when you can’t bear to turn on the stove.

I propose we make this summer the kind that we can look forward to. Let’s get ready, shall we?

We have holidays and important events from The Bear Cave for this jam-packed summer, and all of the Clean Up, Stock Up and To Do chores you need to make sure your summer is the lazy hazy heaven we all dream of.

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