Ready to Landscape for Spring!

On Monday I told you the story of The Retirement Garden Project and the state of the garden at the beginning of the project, before we broke much ground. Today I’m going to show you where we are at today, 9 months and a very weak winter later. On Friday, I will be bringing you THE MASTER PLAN for the rest of the project. Be excited.

The Retirement Garden Project

I am so very proud of this curvy garden path feature.

Let me preface all of this by saying I am an extremely novice gardener, but a fantastic researcher. I have a whole tome of gardening knowledge in my head and at my fingertips, but little practical experience. I have found gardening tips and advice to be more contentious and contradictory than religious discussions in a barbershop, so who knows what to believe.

I know there are armies of you out there that know the hell out of what you’re doing in the dirt, so I want to crowd source this sucker. If you keep reading all the way to the end, I’ll tell you how you can be my hero and be a part of making my lovely parents’ retirement dream garden come true.

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