365 Photo Challenge | Day 28 | Sunset

Day 28 - Sunset

Day 28 of the 365 photo challenge is “Sunset.” Papa Bear, Baby Bear and I were just getting done with our errands for the day when we realized that holy crap, the sun is going down! Ever since this day came up in the challenge, we had nothing but cloudy gray skies. Finally they let up for a minute and we got a soft and beautiful sunset! Of course to get it, we had to pull over really fast and run and tromp through the snow, but that was half the fun.

Coincidentally, we have been watching some Avatar: The Last Airbender with Baby Bear lately, so we had to take some time to do some waterbending with the snow. It was pretty cool.

Puffy Blue Skies | Daily Instagram

Puffy Blue Skies

Going to the mall for me is a special kind of hell that I usually avoid at all costs. Sometimes, like right before your own wedding, though, it is a necessity. But today, beautiful skies, beautiful weather. Now just hold on a few more days!

Bubbly Blue Skies | Daily Instagram

Bubbly Blue Skies

The sky on the way to the gas station. Such a pretty cloud night.

Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

Sometimes it all get to be too much. So much that you just have to toss yourself on the ground, despite there being bugs and worms and dirt down there.

Trees from Ground Level

Daily Inspiration | From Ground Level

And then you have to run inside to get a camera, because hey look! More treetops! I will move on from this phase, I promise. It’s spring, people, there are lots of things happening up there and it’s exciting.

You can probably expect the same thing in the fall.

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Daily Inspiration | Signs of Spring

What is with me a treetops lately? It seems to be all I take pictures of. Perhaps because with this crazy beautiful weather, every time I feel a perfect breeze brush my face, I feel the need to look up. During the winter, cold winds made me snuggle even further into my coat and scarf. Last Saturday when leaving work, this was perched over my parked car. Either this tree had flowered abundantly in the six hours I had been inside, or I was incredibly oblivious before I had my coffee.

Signs of Spring

Pinks and blues in the sky and warm breezes. Happiness.