Yep. Feels like fall. | Daily Instagram

Yep. Feels like fall.

Fresh bed of crunchy fall leaves. Yep. It’s here.

Holy Balls Boots | Daily Instagram

Holy Balls Boots

This is a reason I have a hard time finding my style – I love muted, ethereal, Rivendell elven-style clothing, but I also love glam rock/biker studded leather punkyness. How does one reconcile these things? Also, this was Nordstrom, and these were $425, so the point is kinda moot.

What Shoes Do Bridesmaids Wear to a Rainbow Wedding?

On Friday I will be the green in my leetle seester’s rainbow barn wedding. I am so excited, because as anyone who has ever been on the homepage of this blog and seen my rainbow socks knows, I am a rainbow FAN. All about it.

But when you are putting together a rainbow wedding, what in the heck do rainbow maids wear for shoes? Black, white, cream, tan – none of those neutrals seem to fit. Silver? Gold? Closer.

Rainbow Wedding

via Green Wedding Shoes

We finally decided on a flat that was called “gold,” but to me looked like a beautiful sparkly pure neutral, almost like sunlight itself.

Today I’m bringing you 8 pairs of “sunlight shoes” that range from dirt cheap (to wear on a farm in the dirt!) to skyscraping shoe porn.

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Andro Charcoal & Mint | Style Board

I don’t wear a lot of color. It is a good strategy when you don’t have a lot of clothes. From what I have read on the “style expert” blogs, building a base of neutrals and letting your accessories do the talking can give you quite a bit of mileage in a sparse wardrobe.

Seeing as I’m starting from scratch rebuilding my closet, perhaps a little inspiration board will help set me on the right track. Also, I love making inspiration boards. So I’m gonna.

Andro Charcoal & Mint

Tough and androdgynous charcoal and mint.

The first pair of shoes I have ever bought online have finally arrived. See them on the bottom left? I picked them up from ModCloth, and not only do they fit perfectly, they are surprisingly comfortable. I have so far been wearing them with my straight leg Levis bunched up around the top of the boot instead of in or over or cuffed.

Read on and I’ll point you to where to get any or all of the items you see in the board above.

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