Style Search | Snow Day

Tuesday was a wonderful day. School was cancelled for the hubby bear, and my boss called me when I was about to walk out the door to tell me that I didn’t need to brave the snow for my 30-mile commute down to the city. Huzzah!

Style Search | Snow Day

Funny, because this is one of the only days I was all dressed up pretty for work. That is because, as I promised Kaylah (otherwise known as The Dainty Squid) in my Blog Crushes & Resolutions post on Monday, I totally managed to get out for a photo shoot this morning! And I even had Papa Bear to help! Best of all, we managed to capture the pure essence of both the Clear Winter and Cool Winter seasons in these photos.

It was a stunningly beautiful, if cold morning, and I headed into the woods to be a winter fairy.

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Rainbow Your World | Seasonal Color Analysis

Do you feel great in your clothes?

I’m not talking about fit or fabric, I’m talking about color. Do you walk out of the house in your clothes and feel like you glow? Or do you disappear?

Thanks to one Jade green dress my little sister forced me to try on in Express one day, everything changed for me. I thought it would be hideous, but it was perhaps the most perfect color I have ever worn.

Clear Winter

This is a Clear Winter look if there ever was one.

It was at that point that I understood the power of my personal colors, and since then, I can’t stop exploring my personal world of color, and that of the people around me. I see people on the bus, and I’m figuring out their season. Perhaps thanks to my Seasonal Color Analysis Pinterest boards here, hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, here, and here, I have also been getting lots of questions from readers about seasonal color.

So to answer some of those questions in more detail, here is your 12 Season Color Analysis primer. Read on.

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