Adventures in StoryBook Creator

I love StoryBook Creator from Creative Memories. Most of the love is because I second guess myself way to much to do the traditional scrapbooking where you have to do something with the finality of cutting things up (it doesn’t grow back like hair does).

The other big reason is I can’t afford Photoshop. But with digital scrapbooking in StoryBook Creator you can do anything from this:
My new and ever evolving blog header image
To this:
From my album, Natalie’s Montreal
To this:
From my album, Matching Pets
To this.
From my album, This Old House
Who knew, digital scrapbooking software for all of these different looks, plus blog illustration? The more I play with it though, the more I find I can do. In fact, it inspired me to give the entire blog an overhaul today. The header image at the top is still a work in progress – the coming additions make me giggle like a kid as I have been putting them together, and that’s always a good sign.
I’ll put together a lengthier post on all of the cool things you can do with Creative Memories another day, but if you read the post from earlier today, you’ll know that I really need to be getting to bed. The goose down…it calls to me…