The Keeper of the Memories Project

It was a slippery slope, the series of mundane events that led me to where I sit today, on top of boxes upon boxes of jumbled photographs and barely contained, broken-binding albums. And still they pour in, between inherited photos from relatives now passed, and my grandmother digging out photos from her childhood.

Add to that my reignited passion for photography and my tendency towards obsessive categorization and cross-categorization, and you may begin to see the depth and breadth of the project that has taken over my life.

Keeper of the Memories

This is only a portion of the hard-copy photographs. There are more. And then digital cameras were invented...le sigh.

I think of the Keeper of the Memories Project as my Kraken, slumbering beneath the depths of clothes on my closet floor until I open a box and wake it from its slumber, only for it to throw its multitude of of photographic suckers upon me and try to drag me under.

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Free Earth & Sky Prairie Digital Scrapbook Paper

If you are a regular reader, you are probably aware of my digital Creative Memories obsession. It’s all the fun of scrapbooking without having scrapbooking supplies take over your life. And look, I made you some free downloadable paper with it!

With all of the amazing art kits and papers available in the software, you can create almost anything you can imagine. This was an earlier draft of the background for the invitations for my little seester’s wedding, which will take place in a barn at an organic farm and charter school where hippie teachers educate kids on making compost and rain barrels, in addition to the regular curriculum. It’s kind of her dream venue.

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I call this one Earth & Sky Prairie paper, and I do hope you enjoy it.

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Leetle Seester’s Wedding
Modern Pagan Wedded Bliss (this one is about my wedding!)

Adventures in StoryBook Creator

I love StoryBook Creator from Creative Memories. Most of the love is because I second guess myself way to much to do the traditional scrapbooking where you have to do something with the finality of cutting things up (it doesn’t grow back like hair does).

The other big reason is I can’t afford Photoshop. But with digital scrapbooking in StoryBook Creator you can do anything from this:
My new and ever evolving blog header image
To this:
From my album, Natalie’s Montreal
To this:
From my album, Matching Pets
To this.
From my album, This Old House
Who knew, digital scrapbooking software for all of these different looks, plus blog illustration? The more I play with it though, the more I find I can do. In fact, it inspired me to give the entire blog an overhaul today. The header image at the top is still a work in progress – the coming additions make me giggle like a kid as I have been putting them together, and that’s always a good sign.
I’ll put together a lengthier post on all of the cool things you can do with Creative Memories another day, but if you read the post from earlier today, you’ll know that I really need to be getting to bed. The goose down…it calls to me…