Infinity Scarf o’ Squish

Ready for a super snuggly infinity scarf pattern that will flex your knitting techniques? By using a cable technique with no defined edges, instead of a neat little cable, you get a fat twist in the fabric.

Infinity Scarf o' Squish

This was taken in the morning while trespassing again. Read on to see what was happening an hour later.

My problem with knit infinity scarves is that the size of the loop is often awkward, causing it to either strangle you, or hang limply, not doing much to keep you warm. Fat cables solve the problem, without even using a chunky yarn. Keep reading for my free pattern.

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The Meaning of Life Scarf

My Ravelry favorites and queue are filling up ridiculously fast. The problem is, I do quite a bit of knitting in public, and as such, friends and acquaintances often ask me to make them things.Because I am a sucker and like to make people happy, I tend to say yes.

Don’t get me wrong, I do charge for these pieces. Not a lot though. I think I charged Maranda $50, but the yarn was $30. For unbelievably great friends, I don’t charge at all for time or labor, but everyone pays for their own yarn, dammit, I’m broke. And then there are just the straight up presents that I have to make, because I always seem to volunteer myself.

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