Salvage DVD Shelf Storage DIY

When you’re short on space and in a temporary living situation, finding storage solutions, and cute ones no less, is a huge pain in the ass.

Sometimes, though, you get lucky and it shows up right on your doorstep.

Salvage DVD Shelf DIY

Our next door neighbor is an interior designer who sometimes gets big heavy things shipped to her in big heavy crates like this one. So she took the package and let us have the crate. And now, the mass of DVDs we couldn’t find anywhere to put goes right on the wall!

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Wedding Window Frames: Let’s DIY!

Yesterday I tried to go for a nice walk. A couple of times. It was a gorgeous day outside and I was stuck inside, staring at my computer screen, trying to write about wedding beards. They’re quite a thing these days! Alas, my urge to feel the warm spring breeze on my face was entirely too much, so I marched outside looking like a homeless ragamuffin to walk away the coffee and computer jitters.

Off I marched, on a mission to feel like myself again so that I could get some work done. But each time I rounded the corner and got halfway down the block, windows kept throwing themselves in my path.

DIY Wedding Window Frame

Half of the windows that I dragged home in one trip. Muscles!

No really! It’s not as if they were poor and desperate and trying to collect insurance money.  They were actually leaned up against a tree on the parkway, which is the universal sign for “take me, I’m free.”

Coincidentally, do you remember my seester’s rustic vintage rainbow wedding coming up this July? You see, we have all been keeping an eye out for rustic vintage finds to decorate the barn in which the wedding will be held. One item that we had had absolutely no luck finding were old window frames, which we had thought to use as picture frames or something. It hasn’t been decided yet.

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