Blackberry Mojito Recipe

Mojitos are the ultimate summer drink. So what is a mojito exactly, and what is this muddling thing you’ve heard so much about? Allow me to enlighten!

A mojito is: lime, mint, ice, rum, a little sugar, some bubbles. With such a perfect and simple base, it takes well to whatever other fresh flavorings you care to throw in the glass.

Muddling is: roughly grinding the ingredients of a cocktail together with a muddler, or a big blunt stick. By smashing the lime and mint together the oils are released, and more readily combine with the alcohol. The sugar and its little sharp, rock-like granules further pulverize the oils out of the fresh ingredients.

So, are you ready to make your summer refreshing and delicious? With blackberries? Come on over, I’ll show you how.

Blackberry Mojito Day

Make sure you use a big enough glass to muddle in.

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