Daily Inspiration | Call Me Edward

This is the little Japanese Maple in our front yard. Today I figured out that his name was Edward, because his leaves are blood-red and he sparkles in the sun.

For the record, I am not a Twilight fan. The name was entirely too perfect though.

Japanese Maple

Oh Eddie. Such a cute little tree.

It has been sunny and super windy today, and I am watching from the window. I am home sick because something broke through Papa Bear’s supercharged immune system. I have psoriasis, which sort of messes with my defenses, so I knew the bug was coming for me.

And here we are. I am drinking a hot cup of cranberry green tea and watching baby Edward get stronger with each stiff breeze. His trunk is still so little.

I have been thinking years to the future about what this little Bloodgood we picked up for $25 at Home Depot is going to grow into. I will continue to do my best not to kill him.

Daily Inspiration | Transparent Glasswing Butterfly

Transparent Glasswing Butterfly, Panama


Daily Inspiration | Autumn Path

Autumn Path

via Mike Shaw Photography