365 Photo Challenge | Day 72 | Messy

Day 72 - Messy

Day 72 of the 365 photo challenge is “Messy.” This old board has been getting covered in paint for the last 15 years. It is quite the colorful mess.

365 Photo Challenge | Day 63 | Two

Day 63 - Two

Day 63 of the 365 photo challenge is “Two.” Remember these little guys, the Leave Me to My Projects mascots? They go by the moniker of Rainbow Blorp, and they want you to buy them on Etsy. And yes, they are high fiveing each other.

A Rainbow Engagement Party

In this summer of rainbows and weddings, it occurred to me I had a little more up my sleeve for you. I had almost forgotten to share my seester’s rainbow engagement party! It was a beautiful day, great food, great friends, Skittle favors, Guess That Herb and lots of champagne.

Rainbow Engagement Party

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A Rainbow and Strawberry Field Engagement Session

He is a baker. I’m a barber. Together we’re kind of an old school couple.

Although we have been engaged for some time and the wedding is right around the corner, we wanted to do an engagement session anyway. Tyler (this is a very special post, so I’ll call him by his real name for this one) and I are both very uncomfortable in front of the camera, so we wanted to get a little practice before the wedding day.

Rainbow and Strawberry Fields Engagement Session by RobertaRae

Bobbie of Roberta Rae photography is an old college friend and incredible photographer, wedding and otherwise. Although we had lost touch after school, once I ran across her and her work again of Facebook, I knew that she was our shutterbug.

This engagement session, in Bobbie’s capable hands, turned into the most beautiful morning and images, filled with love, rainbows, strawberry fields, raspberry thickets, haunted houses, trespassing and MAGIC.

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Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations with Storybook Creator

What do you do when your wedding is already creeping over budget, and you haven’t even sent out the invitations yet?

If you have StoryBook Creator from Creative Memories, you’re all set.

Rainbow Prairie Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Front Side

We have talked all about my little sister’s upcoming rainbow wedding, and hoo boy is is getting close. It is now less than two months away! We both realized last week that it was high time to get those invites in the mail.

Ours arrived yesterday (they sprung for rush shipping from VistaPrint), and they look beautiful! Today she gave me the thumbs up to share them with you. I have changed a few pertinent details, but now I give you…the Rustic Vintage Rainbow Prairie wedding invitations.

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