From Pinterest to Pinerly, a Beta Tester’s Story

Have we talked about my Pinterest obsession lately? At this moment I have 95 boards, 4227 pins and 338 followers (Jan 1, 2013 update: 1,031 followers!). And I am now a freaking beta tester for Pinerly. The geek out is reaching critical levels. After all, this blog may not have come to be if I had not needed a way to justify the amount of time I wasted on Pinterest.


A few of my obsessive collections

So what is Pinerly? You can check out a super detailed explanation over at Mashable, but it is essentially a new analytics tools for Pinterest. I first noticed Pinerly when I was jacking around on Twitter last week. It was all @Pinerly everywhere, and everyone and their mother, bloggers big and small were signing up and clamoring to get on the waiting list.

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