Daily Inspiration | Gale Trees

Gale force winds hit Chicago yesterday. I spent a portion of the day standing inside the back door of the barbershop listening to the wind literally howling through the thick bank of tall trees that line the parking lot. Most of the day the sky rolled and bubbled dark grey, whipping the occasional mist of icy rain back up and into itself.

The day wore on and the skies cleared, but the winds never did let up. About 7:00 I walked across the parking lot to Wendy’s for a quick little JBC. I quietly ate, hunched and nibbling like a squirrel (as I do) and reading Copyblogger and Savage Love on my phone. As I pushed up my sleeve to avoid drippage I noticed the most dazzling light dripping in the windows and spraying all of Wendy’s with a beautiful golden glow.

Gale Trees

That's some Daily Inspiration light right there.

On the walk back across the parking lot I tried to snap a few pictures of my all time favorite light. It happens just before sunset, usually when a storm is on the way in our out. The sky all around is dark and foreboding, and the last low bright gilded rays of the sun cast long deep shadows at staggering angles. It looks like the battle between good and evil up there.

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Adventures in Facebook Cover Photos

I am so very excited about tomorrow. You know Jamie Link, a photographer and friend I have been featuring a lot on the blog for the Daily Inspiration segment? Tomorrow we have an adventure planned that will take us all over Chicago, much of it through our legendary Kennedy traffic.

Jamie Link Photography

via Jamie Link Photography

I know, today’s post is a little out of left field, Facebook pages and all, but the name of this blog says it all. Leave Me to My Projects. And boy is this a big project of mine. And I’m really excited about this shoot tomorrow, and I want to tell you about it.

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Daily Inspiration | Blinding Perspectives

Makes me think of the way the oils burst from an orange peel when twisted over an Old Fashioned. There’s even a little red in there for the cherries, the rays diluting through the ice. It makes me think of the hot days and cold drinks ahead, lying in the grass and staring up at the trees and phone lines. Summer’s here.

Scott Saint Hilaire Instagram

Blinding Perspective

You all know I’m a bit of a color junkie. With spring having sprung with a record-shattering March heat wave, I have been broadening my usual cool weather color palette inspiration and waking back up to warm, sunny, bright colors. So when this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I knew I had to share it with you for the Daily Inspiration.

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Daily Inspiration – Gathering Silence

Gathering silence via Kirill Braga

Daily Inspiration – Snowy Forest

Dreaming of snow...