How to Organize Craft Supplies

Confessions, people.

How much of your living place is covered in knitting and craft supplies? I know as well as anyone, it gets pretty bad. There are just so many little pieces, as well as big and bulky things, oddly shaped items…it’s a mess.

How to Organize Craft Supplies

There are so many people out there that have their act far more together than I do, but there was a time when I was not nearly as organized as I am now. My poor husband was about to lose his mind with the craft mess, so I decided I had to do something about the clutter.

Today I am going to show you a few of my craft clutter solutions, and how I organize and categorize them. They’re not all beautiful glossy magazine-style solutions. I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars at The Container Store (it was actually about $5 at Michaels, some garage sale finds and a bunch of Ziploc bags). But my clutter is now well-contained and best of all, when I need those stitch markers or yarn needles, I know where to find them.

And that’s freaking rad.

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Descent Into Discbound Madness | Friday Obsessions

Are you obsessed with planning, listing and mapping out your days, weeks, months, and life?

I am. Pretty hard. Over the years, the notebooks and pieces of scrap paper have nearly taken over my life. For real, this is what my Google Calendar looks like.

Google Calendar

I have a problem, I know. You’ll notice my one-hour block of “Me Time” between 5 and 6 o’clock on Mondays. This is what happens when you’re a freelance workaholic with a day job.

But alas, this online thing just isn’t working for me. Although it’s relatively easy to move things around in Google Calendar, I am often in a place (like at work) where I can’t be online or on my phone. Also, something about the nature of writing something with a pencil plants things more firmly in my memory.

So I went looking for a day planner option that I would actually use – one that I could customize to my OCD heart’s content. And I found it on one of my favorite blogs o’obsession, I Heart Organizing.

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Reusable DIY Sticky Note Calendar

In our house, calendars are required to keep life livable.

But there are problems with most wall calendars.

  • You can only see one month at a time.
  • Days get too filled up/scratched off, etc.
  • You have to buy a new one every year.

Reusable DIY Sticky Note Calendar

Methinks I have come up with a better way. With little more than 12 sheets of scrapbook paper and some Post-its, you can make a beautiful wall calendar where you can rewrite and replace days when you need to, see the entire year at a glance (real-time, not even just calendar year), and use it again, year after year.

It’s pretty cool, let me show you how.

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Beautiful Branch Necklace Organizer DIY

I have never been able to find a good way to store my necklaces.

I have a hanging slot in my armoire, but most of the necklaces I have are either too long or have too big of pendants to store without getting all tangled up. But then a big old branch broke off the tree in the back yard, and I had an idea.

DIY Branch Necklace Organizer

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Recycled Head Hat Rack

Do you have a bunch of random hats floating around?

Me too. As it so happens, I also have some random heads floating around. Being a barber and occasionally taking cutting classes helps you end up with some disembodied heads.

Recycled Head Hat Rack

It’s still creepy, yes, but now it’s also functional. If you don’t do hair for a living, find a barber or cosmetology school and ask if they have any used up mannequin heads. By the end of classes, there are usually plenty of heads that have been shaved down to little nubs of hair, or don’t have enough to work with much more. They’ll usually let you take them off their hands if you ask nicely.

How do you store your hats?