How to Design a Garden | Reader Submission

Figuring out how to plan and design a large-scale gardening or landscaping project is a hell of a job. You have to figure in bloom time, heights, color schemes, annuals versus perennials, BI-ennials…one can become paralyzed by the options.

If you have been following along with The Retirement Garden Project, you have read all about how, at 10 months into this project, I have run into a wall. Although many plants already have homes out in the Front Yard Sun Garden, my stumbling block was where the heck to plant everything that is still in a seed packet or started under the grow lights downstairs.

Front Yard Project

This is where we were when we bedded the garden down for the winter.

So I put a call out to the Project Community. And, as happens when you finally get out of your head and open your mouth to ask for help, someone answered. The Fabulous Mrs. Fox, otherwise known as Andrea, answered.

Then she blew my mind into a thin goo. Like a squished slug goo. Or a pile of squished slugs.

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Daily Inspiration | Blinding Perspectives

Makes me think of the way the oils burst from an orange peel when twisted over an Old Fashioned. There’s even a little red in there for the cherries, the rays diluting through the ice. It makes me think of the hot days and cold drinks ahead, lying in the grass and staring up at the trees and phone lines. Summer’s here.

Scott Saint Hilaire Instagram

Blinding Perspective

You all know I’m a bit of a color junkie. With spring having sprung with a record-shattering March heat wave, I have been broadening my usual cool weather color palette inspiration and waking back up to warm, sunny, bright colors. So when this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I knew I had to share it with you for the Daily Inspiration.

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Daily Inspiration | Lily Hue

Full saturation lilies via Jamie Link Photography

Daily Inspiration | Reflections


Reflections are just as beautiful as real life - by Igor Zenin

Sometimes you run across a tip or thought or idea that you already knew, but somehow was never a fully formed, bullet-point thought. So here’s one for the day. In your photography, try to sometimes think of reflections as another lens, or plane of existence, or whatever. Take the opportunity to use both the real world and the reflected world in tandem as an intregral part of the shot.

Got any great pictures where the worlds come together? Send me an email and I’ll post the best ones soon!

Daily Inspiration | Autumn Path

Autumn Path

via Mike Shaw Photography