A Fresh Start

I wanted to get a post out really quickly this morning to apologize for my ghostliness on the blog over the last week.

Papa Bear and I just moved! New place, new start, and, unfortunately, a new round of illness. I guess I get myself entirely too worked up prior to big life events (remember the 104 degree fever leading up to my wedding?) and my immune system is just crippled or something. Either that, or it’s all the people that keep coming in for haircuts even though they’re sick.

I will never understand the human race.

New Apartment

But on to the new apartment!

Our new place is cute but small inside, and a little motel-ish outside, but the neighbors are all nice and there are lots of kids just about Baby Bear’s age that she started befriending on day one. Let me give you a little tour of the place (we have only had moving day and one day of unpacking, so forgive the disarray).

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