Journal Embroidery | You Shall Not Pass

Embroidery floss is a hell of a drug.

It comes in hundreds of colors in every tiny variation of hue, and taunts me every time I enter a craft store, daring me to buy each and every one. And at just a handful of pennies each, I probably could. But alas, I resist. Because one only needs so much floss.

And I’ve hardly ever even embroidered.

I occasionally use the flossy stuff for knitting projects, but actual embroidery projects? Yeah, I’ve never done one of those. Kind of makes my floss addiction seem silly. But the COLORS. Oh, the colors.

Journal Embroidery | You Shall Not Pass

Lately Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl (who I have just about the biggest shy geek crush on ever – LOVE HER) has been doing a lot of journal embroidery (here, here, here and here), and I thought, hey, I could totally do that! But I’m not much of a journaler. But I am a day planner.

Even though I still don’t have my planner finished due to me still not recovering my life off my hard drive, I still have quite a few important bits in my handy dandy Discbound, and I felt the front page needed a stern warning to any would be intruders.

Yes, Gandalf would do nicely for that.

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SKNY Ravelry Project Roundup

Selfish Knitting New Year is almost here!

I know you are probably elbow deep in your Christmas projects right now, but I wanted to ask – have you rounded up your patterns that you are making for yourself for January? No?

Bilbo Socks by Claire Ellen

Bilbo Socks by Claire Ellen – Check out the One Ring! Adorbs!

Worry not, I did it for you. Today I’m bringing you 42 Ravelry knitting patterns for items for the head, neck, hands and feet (including a plethora of LOTR socks – yes, I’m totally geeking out on them) to get your motors running. They are all fairly quick to make (i.e. all accessories, no sweaters), all available online, and all anywhere from free to $6 each.

Are you ready to make some beautiful things for yourself? Click here to read more about how to participate! Then just click on any of the photos below to check out the patterns on Ravelry.

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Trailer for The Hobbit the Movie = Flailing Joy

When I saw the movie poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in a theater one day o those many years ago, I just started sproinging up and down like I had pogo feet. The rapidly bouncing joy and excitement built up too quickly and it exploded in bunny-like jubilation.


So you can imagine what happened today when I ran across this:

Hyperventilating, wildly flailing joy. My dad started reading me The Hobbit when I was 4, and by the end I was reading it myself. I have been completely and utterly obsessed with the trilogy/series my entire conscious life.

Perhaps you have heard stories of geeks so unbridled in their geekdom that they obsess about living in that world, often to an unhealthy level. Avatar fans are particularly susceptible to this, as evidenced by their Facebook page.

The Hobbit animated movie, 1977

But yeah, I’m totally one of those people.

The Hobbit the Movie


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