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I have a confession. On Fridays, I cannot read a clock.

You see, I did this thing again, where I showed up to work multiple hours early on a Friday. I think I am just so paranoid about being late, something misfires in my brain and tells me that I need to leave the house NOW. I don’t know, there is no excuse for me sometimes. At least I’m wrong in the right direction.

On the bright side, when I make this mistake, I have more time for lunch than usual, and I can go eat somewhere that takes a little more time than the usual half hour that I have to walk somewhere, order food, eat it and walk back.

Local (Chicago) | Antique Taco

Enter, Antique Taco. If there is a more delicious taco anywhere, in a cuter place, I haven’t found it. [Read more…]

A Day Without Words | Light & Shadows

Just a typical day in the life. A little knitting in the morning, a trip to Michaels, a stop at a frozen forest preserve to capture my 365 Project photo of the day, grabbing a coffee at The Wormhole, cutting, shaving, and the creepiest thing ever watching me get into my car on the way home. All in a day’s work.

A Day Without Words - Light & Shadows

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Married Chicago Wanderin’ | Daily Instagram

Married Chicago Wanderin'

Right around the corner from our hotel, this church has GORGEOUS lighting.

I’m High! | Daily Instagram

I'm High

Headed downtown to meet with Chef Martin at Tru and discuss our wedding dinner menu! Could not be more geeked out and excited, but seriously, FUCK DOWNTOWN PARKING. Fuck it good.

Adventures in Facebook Cover Photos

I am so very excited about tomorrow. You know Jamie Link, a photographer and friend I have been featuring a lot on the blog for the Daily Inspiration segment? Tomorrow we have an adventure planned that will take us all over Chicago, much of it through our legendary Kennedy traffic.

Jamie Link Photography

via Jamie Link Photography

I know, today’s post is a little out of left field, Facebook pages and all, but the name of this blog says it all. Leave Me to My Projects. And boy is this a big project of mine. And I’m really excited about this shoot tomorrow, and I want to tell you about it.

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