Selfish Knitting Update

News from the front.

Selfish Knitting is not going well.

I think I’m losing the battle on this one, soldiers.

Monty Destroying Everything

It’s not that I haven’t been knitting. I have been, really. And even learning to crochet!

Here’s the problem. I have a 99% finished hat that does not fit correctly, a pair of gloves frogged so many times, I’m not sure the wool can be salvaged, and an un-started pair of socks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. [Read more…]

A chill is in the air…

It’s cold and crappy outside, and the knitting is calling me again.  So far this year (aka since fall hit), I’ve made another little stuffed Clyde owl, a stuffed vampiric panda for my fellow barber student E.Z. (because I think he looks like a cute little panda with alopecia – I can’t tell if he appreciates that comparison or not), a navy blue cable knit scarf for Maranda (Meaning of Life Scarf), a blue/brown trellis patterned hat for Tyler, and a crapload of false starts on baby hats for the clan of little ones on my mom’s side in central Illinois.  Now I think I have patterns nailed down for all 5 little hats (thanks Ravelry!), and I’m ready to get down to business.  Let the cold weather projects begin!