A Photo a Day | 365 Photo Challenge

This year I want to become a better photographer. So does Papa Bear.

And we know just how to do it. An epic 365 Photo Challenge!

Biker Papa Bear & Baby Bear

Seen here all bikery and badass with the Harley shirt-wearing Baby Bear

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For the Love of Dad | Happy Father’s Day

I never know what to get my dad for Father’s Day.

Since I can remember, every time I have asked my dad what he wants for Father’s Day, or any other gift-giving holiday, for that matter, he has given me the same answer.

Paisley socks.

Because he is a smartass.

Dad & Cousin

That’s him on the right, pants rolled up unevenly, like the little punk he is. He as about 4 here.

So for this Father’s Day, I thought I would make a little dad retrospective. Love you dad.

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The Keeper of the Memories Project

It was a slippery slope, the series of mundane events that led me to where I sit today, on top of boxes upon boxes of jumbled photographs and barely contained, broken-binding albums. And still they pour in, between inherited photos from relatives now passed, and my grandmother digging out photos from her childhood.

Add to that my reignited passion for photography and my tendency towards obsessive categorization and cross-categorization, and you may begin to see the depth and breadth of the project that has taken over my life.

Keeper of the Memories

This is only a portion of the hard-copy photographs. There are more. And then digital cameras were invented...le sigh.

I think of the Keeper of the Memories Project as my Kraken, slumbering beneath the depths of clothes on my closet floor until I open a box and wake it from its slumber, only for it to throw its multitude of of photographic suckers upon me and try to drag me under.

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A Tribute to Willy, the Best Cat Ever

Today, February 29th, leap year, is eight years to the day since our dear kitty Willy died. To honor his passing, I would like to share the Willy selection of the near-complete Matching Pets album.

Matching Pets Album
All images designed in Creative Memories StoryBook Creator

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