Things I Love Thursday | Nature Jewelry

I like jewelry, but I only wear two kinds – either nature or animal themed.

For my engagement session this past summer and wedding as well, I was all about the nature jewelry, and I have rounded up quite a favorites list on Etsy. So let’s get back to nature!

Cedar Earrings via esdesigns on Etsy

Cedar Earrings via esdesigns on Etsy

And yes, these are the earrings I wore on my wedding day. [Read more…]

Etsy Octopus Love | Friday Obsessions

It is frustrating/exciting when one of your weird little obsessions goes mainstream.

Case in point: octopi.

I love these weird and squishy creatures, perhaps because of all of the crafts and projects I imagine I could do with 8 prehensile arms. And now they’re everywhere! Hooray and boo, all at the same time.

Silver Octopus Necklace

I own this particular piece. I call him Klaus. Tis a good octo-name.

I have been trolling Etsy quite a bit lately (in preparation for my upcoming shop!), and I gathered together a whole mess o’ cephalopods for you. And for me, but whatever.

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