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Tea Time

With the job Papa Bear has while in school (at a fantastic tea shop), we have an unbelievable amount of gorgeous loose leaf tea around the house at all times. Ye-haw.

Kitteh Luvs | Daily Instagram

Kitteh Luvs

Monty here used to hate little Wiggum when we first got her. The unending sweetness and adorability seem to finally won him over though, and now these snuggles happen all the time. Immediately after this photo was taken, a mutual head bath began, and lasted a half an hour. Sweet little bastards.

Blue all over | Daily Instagram

Blue all over

Got a little dolled up for work New Year’s Eve (I even wore a dress!) but as usual, the hair does the talking.

Cooking with Tea | Daily Instagram

Culinary Tea Book

With the hubs working at a fine tea establishment, we have ended up with canister after canister of some of the most gorgeous loose-leafed teas in the world. I think we may have nearly every type of tea imaginable, from black to green to white, maté, oolong, herbal, rooibus – let the delicious commence.

Oh, and buy this book. It’s hella cool. Man, I need to stop watching South Park while posting.

Froggy at Grandma’s | Daily Instagram

Froggy at Grandma's

Grandma has the best little creatures in her house.