Stovetop Potpourri from Delia Creates

Delia over at the aptly named Delia Creates is fantastic. She’s pretty, sweet, has adorable kids, really cute husband, beautiful house and is a beast with a camera – she’s got it all. But I’m totally running with the idea of stovetop potpourri, because it’s brilliant and I’ve never heard of such a thing before.

via Delia Creates

She uses apple and citrus peels in a small pot (I have one that looks just like that, too!) with apple juice, cloves and cinnamon. That sounds so perfect for this time of year.

For the warmer seasons I might like to try lemon peel with lavender or peony petals and sage, perhaps just in water, peach juice, cucumber water? I’m new to this, but sooooo ready to try all kinds of weird combinations.

Kid’s Dream Bedrooms

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of having a forest bedroom. I wanted to live and sleep in Unicorn Land, but perhaps it was best I never got that room. With my hermity tendencies, I might have become a 10-year-old agoraphobic.

When I lived in Montreal, I got to live out a little bit of my fantasy. A wonderful gentleman I had been seeing for about a year and I decided to move in together, and we found a place. He had two boys, 7 and 8, and to get my foot in the door with kids that age, I knew I would have to make a grand gesture.

So I decided that the two little monkeys should live in the jungle.

I cannot tell you why I neglected to take the pictures BEFORE we assembled the beds
And there were presents too – giant leaves from Ikea
It totally worked. First impressions count for a lot, and they could plainly see that I cared about them and was not an evil-stepmother type. Because damn, no one ever gave me that cool a bedroom.
But this is absolute crap in comparison to the Ultimate Pirate Bedroom.

No dad, you don’t spoil me. Now go fetch me my slippers and carton of candy cigarettes. Chop chop old man.

I find myself gasping with glee and wondering if I really could build a Unicorn Land bedroom when I’m all grown up.

I’m not too adult and female to sleep here, right?

This unreal bedroom brought to you by Kuhl Design Build of Hopkins, MN. You can see the full project on