Easy Room Decor | Herb Pots

Herb Pots

Last summer we had more herbs growing in the garden than we knew what to do with. So when the frosts were starting to set in, I cut some sprigs and put them in some of the many random jars we had sitting around the house, leaving them uncovered to dry.

I think they bring a little something special to the room, don’t you? And you never know when you’re going to use them. I ended up emptying one out when we had enough wax left to make two more candles, so the chamomile and some of the lavender had to go. We still have plenty of thyme, basil and some lavender left though!

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Lunaria Love | Daily Instagram

Lunaria Love

My sister’s rainbow wedding this summer needed a little greenery, so we turned to Save on Crafts for some lunaria to nature the barn up a bit. Then we used it for our after-wedding party decoration. And now we have shoved some in a vase to brighten up the bedroom. Come on money tree, bring that fortune.