Creeping in Mr. Skellington

Yeah, so I totally left Mr. Skellington 99% done, as I tend to do with projects (hence this, my accountabili-blog), but seriously, I will get it done tomorrow. In the meantime, this is the picture we took of me creeping outside the shop a couple of weeks ago. Anyhoo, when I finish it for real, you’ll be the first to know. Tomorrow, I swear. Tattoo here I come!

Creeping in Mr. Skellington

I don't know why I bothered to make a face for this picture.

Go check out the original pattern from Saskia de Feijter here.

Knitting for Freaks

I love where I work. Although my home base shop is in the city, I’m working at one of the suburban ones while I’m out here wrapping up school. It’s a barbershop that unapologetically blasts its music, executes borderline (stretching that border quite a bit, actually) illegal marketing campaigns, and is filled with a bunch of pierced and tattooed freaks.

Knitted Beard Hat

S. and her Dwarven Battle Helm o' Seduction

There is no dress code except for the “no frump” rule, we get to take great continuing education cutting and coloring classes, and we firmly believe that if we’re having fun in there, customers do too. Like Saturday morning when this came on the radio (did I mention we have our own radio station?) – dudes are literally grooving in their chairs, which is really a bad idea when you’re getting a haircut, but alas.

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