31 Days of Etsy Handmade Halloween | Friday Obsessions

Halloween is right around the corner, and Etsy is overflowing with handmade Halloween goodies.

Unfortunately I am not going to be doing a lot for Halloween this year, as I am working that day, we are moving the next, and Baby Bear is with her mom that day. To make up for the lack of festiveness in my life this year, I have gathered 31 days worth of my handmade Etsy Halloween to get us all in the spirit.

Halloween Jack O Lantern

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Baby Bear Halloween! | Daily Instagram

Baby Bear Halloween!

I know I shouldn’t be spending $50 on a kid’s Halloween costume, and I didn’t, but there’s still time. I know how she likes to be a princess sometimes, and although I tell her she doesn’t need a prince to rescue her (she can be her OWN prince), the princess from Brave don’t take no shit. So I approve. I may be back to the Disney store.

Making Christmas

So I’m sitting at school yesterday, working on Mr. Skellington, when I get to the eyehole part of the pattern. Although I’ve been knitting on and off for awhile now, I’m still not the best when it comes to visualizing patterns. I just kind of follow the road and hope it doesn’t dead end. So I’m happily buzzing along, slowly but surely (I ripped open two fingers with a feather razor while cutting this Philippino dude’s very difficult hair-cut open fingers do not help knitting any), Band Aids dulling the feel of the merino sliding though my fingers. The pattern is written for either circular or double-pointed needles, I’m using double-points. I’ve never knitted anything with a small circumference, like a hat, on circulars, because all of the circulars I have are really freaking long.

My first set of needles (and it was quite the selection) was given to my by my alternatingly cool and completely nutters ex-mother in law. Sometimes they go hand in hand, though, don’t they? She even gave them to me in this pretty case she made. Neat, huh?

Then there were some from Grandma Pony (also known as Antoinette, or Toni, but my 3-year-old soon-to-be stepdaughter couldn’t say Toni at the time). She has had pretty bad arthritis for some time now, but I suspect she has a massive stash of needles and accessories that may float my way one day. I get this idea because my other grandma, Grandma Zetta (also known as Rosetta – again, the little one) passed away this past April, and as I’m the only yarn addict in the family, I now have tons of circulars and other needles from her. I’ve been slowly working on replacing all of the metal needles (who am I kidding, I never get rid of anything – I will end up doubling or tripling my stash this way) with bamboo. When I get back down to living in the city in 9 months or so, I’ll be taking public transportation a lot again. This means it will be me, my coffee, by big black bag, and hopefully warm blonde bamboo needles instead of the Hoth aluminum daggers of death. That, and those slippery little aluminum bastards just jump out of my WIPs in the ever-shifting black hole that is my bag. It is a hell dimension unto itself.  But so many pockets!

But yes, the Skellington! So I’m rolling along with the stockinette in the round, and then get to this place in the instructions where I am told to BO 2, knit 11 for a total of 12 sts on the right needle, BO 2 again, put those stitches on a holder, then start purling WS. Of course I’m thinking, the advantage of knitting in the round is that there IS no wrong side, and wait, what?

Now if I had been able to think it out, this is a pretty simple idea, all it would have taken was for me to look at the squishy bunch of fibers in my hand instead of in my head, but a quick Ravelry check set everything right.Apparently I’m not the only one that couldn’t figure this out. If you decide to make this hat, find the errata here. Here’s what it looks like in progress.

Knitting Mr. Skellington

Getting into my third skein now.

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